Breathe Clean Air

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 A patented technology

by Bob Ursem

Clean the air we breathe

removing the smallest particles

Making a real change global

with 1-Nano technology

Ultrafine dust is an assassin!

Ultrafine dust particles are even smaller than fine dust particles. It is therefore harder for our bodies to remove the ultrafine particles, so they stay in our lungs for longer after inhalation. They can end up in our blood and reach other organs through our lungs. This can reduce the life expectancy of people and animals and aggravate symptoms in respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Fine dust also impedes the development of the lung capacity of children. There are also indications that ultrafine dust is harmful to our brains and nervous system. Most (ultra)fine dust is produced in emissions from transport vehicles (such as cars, ships, planes), households and industry. Fine dust is a much greater threat to our health than CO2!


The UltraFineDuster removes even the finest particles from the air!

One of the biggest threats to human health is the fine dust and ultrafine dust that we breathe in daily. The UltraFineDuster removes 99.99% of ultrafine dust and fine dust from the air and stores it. It has no moving parts, no filters, needs little maintenance and consumes minimal electricity.

Catch particles with electrostatics

The UltraFineDuster uses the principle of electrostatics. Negatively charged particles remain suspended in the atmosphere, while positively charged particles are drawn to the negatively charged earth. If all (ultra)fine dust particles would be positively charged, we would not have the serious health problem we are facing know.


  • Shipping industry
  • Work environment
  • Living environment
  • Road and Tunnels

Ultra fine duster

Ultra Fine Duster of 1Nano

The UltraFineDuster consists of a tube that is divided into two parts. The first part, through electrical attraction, draws in particles where they are bombarded with electrons and thereby positively charged. Propelled by the resulting ‘electric wind’ these particles end up in the second part of the tube where they precipitate on the negatively charged wall and stick there. This process requires no more than a high voltage (volt) and very little power (amperage). As a result, the energy consumption of the UltraFineDuster is only a few watt-hours.

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